How good are you with managing time? – Take this quiz

Managing Time

It is rightly said that Time and Tide wait for none. 

Time once gone is gone forever and memories once created are created forever.

However rich you are, you can’t accumulate time. It runs at its own speed. Of all the things that we curse, time takes the full mark. This is one thing that we all crib about, some do it all the time.

The gospel truth is that all of us have 24 hours and it depends on how effectively we utilize them. Time is one crucial factor that distinguishes the successful ones  from the unsuccessful crowd. And, it is the mix of art and smartness that makes one utilize the time to the fullest.

BUT do you think you have the art of managing the time effectively? Are you sure?

Well, here is a quiz that will reveal how good you are with managing time:


Answer the following 15 questions in True or False format and count the number of true numbers as well as the false numbers at the end of the quiz. Your scores will decide how effectively you can manage your time.

Here you go:

  1. Do you prioritize your task and finish them accordingly? True/False
  2. Do you procrastinate the task and wait for the last minute to finish it off? True/False
  3. Are you stressed when it comes to commitments and deadlines? True/False
  4. Do you prepare your to-do list and form your action plans accordingly. True/False
  5. Do you check with your boss the work that needs to be completed first? True/False
  6. Do you visualize the result of the tasks and decide whether it is worth your time or not? True/False
  7. Do you carry your work to home as you couldn’t  finish it at the workplace? True/False
  8. Are you a victim of distractions and you easily lose time? True/False
  9. When you are given a new assignment, do you analyze the importance and results of it? True/False
  10. Do you follow a calendar and set your own deadlines? True/False
  11. Do you use the technologies and systems to manage your work and deadlines? True/False
  12. Do you have weekly and monthly goals? True/False
  13. Are you interrupted frequently by your peers that hamper your work? True/False
  14. Do you allocate the time for planning and assigning time for each task? True/False
  15. Do you have mood flings that affect the work? True/False 

Your Scores and Interpretations:

True answer score greater than 8:

If you fall into this category, you are an expert in  handling  your work. You never run short of time and follow the deadlines. You are committed to work. You still can improve if you do not have all the 9 True scores.

True answer score is 8 or less:

You can control certain things but most of the factors are out of your control. You try hard sticking to the deadlines but end up spending more time. You are good with individual projects.

Here are few tips to help you in managing your time:

Time Management Tips:

  • Set Smart Goals:

Do not set unrealistic goals as they will only disappoint you. Set specific, measurable, achievable, time-bound & realistic goals. You must have a bigger vision so that all these small steps can lead you to your dreams.

  • Frame a  plan of action:

Goals will be meaningful only when you add a plan of action to it. Mere goals without any action plan will not fetch you any result. Write your goals and also write about the strategies that will help you to be near to your goals. Always have a backup plan.

  • Create a To-Do list:

You cannot rely on your memory all the times. Yes, memories do not last for long. The best way is to create a to-do list and follow the deadlines.

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  • Prioritize your tasks:

This is one common mistake that we all make. We consider everything important and try finishing them all without even realizing that certain work can be finished later. Differentiate between urgent and important work and prioritize your work.

  • Follow the 80/20 rule:

It states that 80% of your hard work will fetch you 20% of results and vice-versa. Thus, knowing the rule, you must focus on the efforts that can give you maximum results. Remember working smart is far better than working hard. 

Time Management Strategies:

  • Keep buffer time:

There is no hard and fast rule that you must finish all the work on time. You can always keep some buffer time as it can be used in emergencies. You can allocate time for particular task along with some extra time. This will also help you to build hope. But, do not make it as a habit.

  • Be inflexible:

Yes, you cannot be reluctant with your time limits. If there is a time duration, try adhering to it. Postponing work and borrowing more time is an indication that there is a problem with time management.

  • Be Organized:

If you have too many things to deal with, put it down on a paper or use a scheduler. If there are certain resources to be gathered to finish the task, collect all the details about your resources. If you have to meet certain people, call them up and fix the appointment.

  • Identify time wasters:

Are you wasting too much time on phone calls? Are you an addict to social media? What is consuming your major time? Find out things that is a time-waster. Try to avoid distractions and you will soon be able to finish your task.

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  • Use Technologies:

No longer people prefer doing manual things. Technology has evolved and it has reduced the manual burden. Computers & the internet are the best gifts to Mankind. Thus, try using tools and technologies to get your work done faster.


Thus, these simple time management tips and strategies are sure to be of great help to you if you stick to them effectively. A small change in your daily routine can save you lots of time. If you aren’t a morning person, try becoming one and you will  find lots of spare time.

Balance both your personal as well as professional life and you will just not be nearer to your goals but also contended with it.

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