How Wittybee helps improve efficiency?


Organizations and businesses are obsessed with the idea of being profitable (and, why not?)

And, profit comes when every individual working in the organization puts 100% effort and tries to emerge as a winner. So, indirectly we can say that every organization is obsessed with being efficient.

How organizations perceive efficiency?

For them it means managing people, maintaining work records, keeping up with the inventory, streamlining marketing strategy and daily operations- efficiency seems to be a requisite for every task undertaken by the organization. While doing all these things, organizations seem to miss out upon the true meaning of efficiency.

So, what exactly is efficiency? Is it being thrifty? Or is it being critical about the usage of resources? How do you keep up with the performance, when you try lowering on the usage of resources?

The above are some of the commonly posed questions by organizations as they continue their efforts towards improving employee efficiency. Efficiency is defined as doing things correctly in a stipulated amount of time.

“Efficiency is minimal usage of overall resources to get the job, or mere optimization of every unit of resource in hand. But again, organizations do track the usage of their resources like money, people, raw materials etc. One thing which is wasted immensely, and is not even noted for is- Time.”

Time isn’t charged, but once wasted, it’s irredeemable.

Time is the basic unit of resource divided equally amongst the employees and wasting time at work and not doing the real work costs organizations dearly.

Some do wonders out of it, some end up wondering what to do with it and some are unable to realize, where did they end up spending it.

In all these cases the problems faced by the employees, are more or less the same- a mail popping up every now and then, a talkative colleague ending up at your desk and explaining things unnecessarily till the last hour, the weekly meeting which does nothing but adding up to your fatigue, roaming around desk to desk looking for information or trying to figure out the head-points of an important meeting you missed.

Somewhere between these problems, the productivity of an employee is sliced; and these hindrances being repetitive in nature, slice productivity again and again, pulling it down to minimal.

So, instead of ‘minimal resources-maximum outcome’, organizations end up with ‘maximum resources-minimal outcome’.

Now these aren’t problems which lead to immediate closure of business. But keep ignoring them for a longer run and you will lose out on opportunities for exponential growth.

So, how does one tap into optimized productivity or absolute efficiency (as it should be termed!)?

Wittybee- A one stop solution to all the work-related problems.

Efficiency drops out on the three basic fundamentals:

  1. Email Management Time
  2. Meeting Hours
  3. Interruptions at work

Weeding these problems out isn’t easy. But with Wittybee, one can easily avoid them.

  1. The perfect replacement for Emails

Wittybee creates a communication channel within the organization which is beyond the hierarchical structure, personal biases or restrictive rules.

It is an open and transparent system where employees may connect with peers, subordinates, seniors or even the CEO. This facilitates clear and concise communications, thus enhancing productivity. This helps in keeping task related conversations at one place and easily searchable. It also helps you maintain context-specific conversations organized in a much better way so that you do not get lost. Moreover, it prevents unnecessary spamming inboxes with irrelevant emails. You will only see conversations relevant to your specific working zone and this saves a lot of time.  Also, no more interruptions as conversations can happen over Wittybee.

When such collaborations take place, organization benefits on the holistic level since the quality of work is upgraded. It simultaneously allows employees to feel connected and gives a jump to their morale. Also, when senior management of the organization collaborates with the employees, it becomes a huge motivator for them, and increases organization’s drive to work.

Another aspect to this in-house communication channel is the client aspect. With Wittybee, it becomes easier to keep clients as well as other stakeholders involved in the project in the loop, and they stay on top of what is going on.

When all this is brought together, it not only leads to the exponential rise in optimum time utilization bar but also upgrades the overall quality of work.

  1. Meetings can be productive. Really productive.

This is the universal truth, is it? No!

Meetings are the biggest threat to productivity.

No matter what the topic is, any meeting always has the following characters:

  • The Enthusiasts: The ones who really care a lot about the project!
  • The Sleepers: The ones who are there to sleep!
  • The Absentees: Indeed the ones who skip meetings!
  • The Cocky Eyed: Those who have their eyes open, but have no idea of what’s going on.
  • The Pushed Ones: Those who have been asked to attend the meeting. But have no idea, why are they there!

Now going with the description of these characters, one may assess the level of productivity they induce. And the worst part is, no matter what, meetings are always held in large numbers. Now if they are to be kept in the name of ‘Productive Activities’ in the organization, something has to be changed. If not changed, added!

With Wittybee, you can create meetings along with the clear agenda defined, invite necessary people, and easily keep track of meeting notes, all in one place. Once the meeting is over, you can create actionable items by creating tasks inside Wittybee to make sure the discussion points are not lost thus serving the purpose of the meeting. Alternatively, you can also create discussion group inside Wittybee and discuss there, in case a physical meeting can be avoided which would surely save a lot of time for everyone involved.

Time saved, productivity attained and hence mission accomplished!

  1. Easy access to information cuts down interruptions from colleagues.

Having access to information is one thing, and getting it in the moment of requirement is another. Wittybee helps you create customized hash-tags for marking messages, documents and data. You can also use the search bar at the top and various filters to get the right information quickly. Also, any task related conversation happens over Wittybee and therefore interruptions can be reduced drastically.

This makes the information recognizable when it is actually required. This helps you get the right information at the right time and saves your precious time that you might have ended up wasting going around looking for people, who can give you the required information or searching through computers. 

Improved communication and collaboration through social technologies could raise productivity levels as much as by 20-25%.

So, having your meeting notes lined up, avoiding all the interruptions which you were facing every now and then, followed by a clearly defined and transparent communication system which encourages collaboration and allows you to keep a track on ongoing work.

Wittybee is your steroid for productivity at work.