Wittybee for IT services


The IT Services industry is undergoing one of the most significant periods of transformation in the last 10 years due to the growth of powerful Smartphones, the consumerization of technology, and the move towards cloud-based software applications.

Yes, it is the industry with big numbers:

  • IT industry provides direct employment to 3.1 million people and indirect employment to 10 million people.
  • Indian IT and ITeS industry is likely to grow to about $300 billion by 2020, focusing on areas like e-commerce, software products and the IT market.
  • India’s information technology and business process management (IT-BPM) industry will add $12-15 billion incremental revenue, to existing industry revenues of $118 billion. (Source)

Thousands of intellectual minds are re-shaping the modern work environment.

Let’s understand how a typical IT service project team works:

  1. Meeting with the client on Skype or some other video conferencing tool.
  2. The client gives a brief about his/her requirements, problems and prospective budget through email.
  3. The project team in the IT services company analyzes the requirement along with the expected quality parameter.
  4. A team of Programmers, Software Engineers, Bug Fixers, Quality Control leads etc. is formed for the project.
  5. Work is divided along with the deadlines.
  6. The project manager assumes everyone is getting things done as per schedule.
  7. No one considers efficiency and effectiveness and work in silos.
  8. If all goes well, the project may get completed on time and the company has a satisfied client.

In this entire procedure, there are many ‘ifs’ and ‘buts’ and ‘suppose’ and ‘errs’. Hence, in IT services industry, certain things such as Collaboration, Deadlines, Quality of Delivery and Client-Team coordination form the foundation of every project.

With great power come great responsibilities. And with big size comes bigger complexities.

The IT industry was prone to complex operations, until now. But finally there’s something which can help an IT professional make the most out of his/her resources: Wittybee.

They say, living the life becomes easier, when you have a partner. For an IT professional, Wittybee is that work buddy. Throughout the project- from briefing to delivery, Wittybee can help you sail through everyday challenges easily and efficiently.

  1. Create a team that always wins

Imagine you had the leverage of sharing the information from the client to the programmer and thereon. What if the information was intelligent enough to travel through the corporate hierarchy and implement itself? That is exactly what Wittybee helps you achieve.

Wittybee helps you create teams with anyone, anywhere, real quick. You can create teams with people within and across organizations. You can create departments, discussion groups, projects, announcements, committee and more. This helps sharing information easily with relevant people, easily accessible, and maintains context specific conversations. Here is a screenshot of creating a team-


  1. When Wittybee is at work, work always ends on time

Quality work impresses clients, but true professionalism lies in timely delivery. Almost all companies in the service industry are prone to this delay.  Many times, a great chunk of an employee’s time is wasted in handling unnecessary & mundane tasks, responding to emails, meetings and seeking information.

Wittybee is the easiest way to get your things done. Whether you’re working on a project or doing everyday work, Wittybee helps you organize work into tasks and subtasks. Create a task and assign a due date along with mentioning the quality parameters to be met. That way, it is easier for managers to track the progress of the project tasks, and gives employees better clarity on the work to be done. No more wasting time in status update meetings. You can even create recurring tasks, invite guests to the task, specify the importance of the task and assign multiple doers.


  1. Project Management is not fussy. Trust us

Sometimes, amidst the corporate hierarchy, workload, deadlines, client briefings- valuable information is lost. People are fired, projects are delayed and one of the reasons is- Communication Gap.

To manage a project successfully, it is really important to plan and develop a schedule, create teams with key staff and resources, divide and assign tasks and do all this using the right communication channel. You can manage all these things inside Wittybee and easily track the status of your projects. People at higher hierarchy get an opportunity to have their eye on various projects at the same time, without having to follow-up with individual project teams. Powerful analytics helps the management to see how teams and individuals are performing and contributing.

  1. Information is just a few clicks awayTimely access to critical information when required is a vital factor in determining the success or failure of the task. And, to leverage the information for maximum benefits, following procedure should be followed:a) Classifying the information: Wittybee helps you create custom tags within the organization, such as #CEOApproval, #Urgent, #PendingFeedback, #ClientXYZ etc. This makes information readily available for the receiver and the handler.b) The flow of information: Wittybee helps you communicate beyond the corporate hierarchy. This allows the CEO to add value to micro-tasks within projects. This simply paves the path for information to flow freely throughout the organization, thereby creating a truly collaborative environment.c) Access to information: Wittybee “search” functionality searches instantly and finds information as you type. You can use search bar, filters and search operators to reach to the right information in no time. Advanced search offers many more options to narrow down your search to specific information that you are looking for.


  1. Increase morale and make workplace happier

Logic is pretty simple. When people know what they are supposed to do, when they are supposed to do it and how they are supposed to do it, work gets completed on time easily. The employees would get an opportunity to appreciate, thank and acclaim others for their work. Social recognition in the organization would boost the morale of the employees. Employees high on morale deliver the best and the strongest.

Making the operational cycle lucid and comprehensive is what Wittybee aims for. It is a powerful collaboration tool that simplifies your daily work.

Wittybee is a great app to manage everyday work, projects, collaborate with co-workers and clients, resolve issues and bugs, resolve HR and IT requests of your staff, engage in collaborative learning and to do much more. 

If that’s not all, have this- It’s free, like all other amazing things in life.